At Rafeeq, we offer a landscape of diversity and inclusion. We take pride in our team coming from all walks of life with a successful track record adding value to our culture and our customers. Life at Rafeeq is fun, challenging and rewarding. We are one small family with big outreach to the middle east region.



Executive Leadership

At the hear of every great idea is a group of visionaries with a mission to make the world a better place. This is how our founders have established Rafeeq and set the foundation for a long-term vision of success and market disruption. We’re always looking for leaders with original ideas, passion for making a difference in the community and developing game changing strategies.

Rafeeq Heroes

Our drivers are our most valuable assets. We love them, we look up to them as much as they look up to us. Our founders have created a proper environment with huge incentive programs to help our driver earn more as they give more and get the upmost benefits of our driver program.

We are always on the look for part time and full-time drivers who wants to be part of our beautiful journey across all of QATAR.

Engineering & Tech

Product & Tech

Rafeeq Engineers & Developers, as the company's cornerstone, strive to be the finest in the business. They continually put their passion and energy into developing world-class products that excite and empower Rafeeq customers and partners, whether they're coding, building, designing, or testing.

Sales, Service & Support

By enhancing organizational agility with linked technology and solutions, Rafeeq sales professionals assist customers in realizing their full business potential. These innovative, collaborative teams help clients with digital transformation, revenue growth and proper brand exposure.

Customer Care

Customer Care

Bad reviews are our top priority. They help us understand more our clients, their emotions, interests and preferences and build our business accordingly. Our customer care team are always in active listening mode to our customers and partners, helping them reach expectations with us and answering to their needs and concerns.


The team giving value to our partners through the artistic touches and creative visualization. The design team help us give better stories and meaning to any product or business partnering with Rafeeq and convey our message to the world through their unique creatives.

Design Department
Design Department

Behind our intuitive and user-friendly platform, comes great personalities and passionate interdisciplinary UX specialists giving the product its own character.

Marketing & Communications

A creative group of intelligent professionals on a mission to connect Rafeeq with the region. Our team are focused on the user, and always developing compelling stories, tackling business issues and shaping the product as per their perception of the market. They are the image of Rafeeq with constant evolution and new promises.

Join our team of designers, business intelligence, creators and digital marketers to create the change, to be THE CHANGE!

Marketing Department
Human Resource
Human Resource & Development

The Human Resources department serves as a strategic partner to the business. They advocate for employees and aid in Rafeeq's culture transformation. We're developing a culture that attracts and inspires the middle east's most enthusiastic individuals by integrating our talents and skills in training, diversity and inclusion, pay, recruiting, and HR business partner positions.

Business Development
Business Development and Strategy

The Business Development and Strategy team is in charge of accelerating Rafeeq's and its clients' growth through strategic alliances and transactions. They collaborate with external partners from start-ups and 3’rd party companies to huge corporations all around the region to identify areas of collaboration, create innovation, and uncover shared value.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain and Operations

Supply Chain and Operations Management ensures best-in-class local delivery of Rafeeq products and its partners, (right place, right time, right cost), by utilizing diversity of thought, predictive analysis, and operational excellence. Our drivers reflect our commitment to customers and ensure optimum quality of service.



Our motto ‘All the Way’ reflects our relationship within all the teams. We want all employees to think of growth, personally and professionally, to always dream and plan of reaching the extra mile whenever they feel they have accomplished the best.

Community Responsibility

Giving is part of our daily lives. Without giving we have no purpose. At Rafeeq, we build a corporate and community responsibility around our employees and build programs that help the community grow better and solve problems.

Customer First

We study the market demand in-depth and learn about our customers; their feelings and emotions, their aspirations and dreams, their needs and wants. And we work hard to be their daily companion, to be part of their daily lives, as long as we make it better. Only better!


We believe that big and long-term visions require solid and sustainable working environment that will be the foundation of a creative roller coaster striving towards excellence and fulfilling this vision. That is why we focus on our employees, our technology and our customers and we make sure that we integrate our corporate values with our business strategy and align our teams into a coherent organization


Supply Chain
Community at Rafeeq

We have built a learning environment where every employee is an asset and knowledge reference for his/her colleagues. We help our employees engage in local and international events, along with workplace activity that strengthen connections and empower the human element at Rafeeq.

Mental Health

Our employees are our assets, and we provide them with a safe working environment that ensures their satisfaction and security while doing their job. Our HR specialist always look out for any employee facing a specific problem that can stem from anxiety or aggression or stress overload, and help refer them to professional counselling groups or medical centres.

Supply Chain
Supply Chain
Financial Wellbeing

At Rafeeq, we offer competitive packages for our professionals because we believe they are the driving force behind our company’s profit and growth. It is important to ensure our people’s financial stability to create a safe, productive and efficient environment of planning, executing and developing our business.

Professional & Personal Growth

Learn, be curious and always think big. We help you grow by offering professional programs and skill building workshops.

Supply Chain